Our house is absolutely beautiful! Without Christine Hains, we would not be nearly as comfortable or in such spectacular surroundings without her.

Thanks so much Christine! You’ve made our house a home!

Angela | Interior design client Environment by Design  

You need a designer that has tolerance, patience, creativity and that ability to just persevere to get the best results, not just a good-enough set of results. To my mind that sums up Christine, she always just goes that extra mile I think for all of her customers, certainly I’ve worked with her for many many years.

I’m probably the pickiest client that she has, but maybe not, but Christine always comes up trumps. No egos in the way, always delivering what’s needed and always coming out far better than any of my expectations.

I think that’s her secret, always beating my expectations.

Peter | Interior design client Environment by Design  

Christine’s talent for working with the contractor and the trades and helping us navigate the process was absolutely priceless.

Her warmth, skill and talent – we just couldn’t have done the project without her!

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Marilyn | Interior design client Environment by Design  

My work can not be better finished than with the assistance of my college Christine for her breadth of knowledge about materials, both interior and exterior, colors, textures, the functionality of places, the lighting, the acoustics, the familiarity and comfort and most of all the intimacy of the space.

The work that I do is always perfected with the assistance of the very good service that I get from Christine.

I would recommend her unhesitatingly to new clients and I know that past clients retain her again and again.

I would want Christine to work on my own home!

Harry Lay | Architect and Collaborator | www.housearchitect.ca Environment by Design